Terms of carriage

1. In these conditions
a. Company means ELS Logistics
b. Goods mean any document or parcel consigned by customers from
one address to another
c. Customer means any individual, firm, corporate body, incorporated
association or other body who consigns good as afore mentioned
2. The company is not a common carrier and accepts goods for conveyance on and
subject exclusive to these conditions. Any servant agent of the company who
alter, vary or waive any provision of this contract shall be liable and not the
3. The company accepts good for conveyance on the basis that 3a-3b below of
these conditions are all fulfilled and the customer irrevocable warrants that they
are so fulfilled.
a. That the customer is either the owner of or acting as the fully
authorized agent for the owner of the goods and that if any other
person has an interest in the goods the customer is acting as his fully
authorized agent also.
b. That the goods do not comprise or include any dangerous which:
i. Are specified by the Imitational Air Transportation
Association as restricted articles especially without
prejudice to the generality of the foregoing explosive
gases, weapons and ammunition, flammable substances,
oxidizing substance, poisonous, radioactive material,
ii. Through which not specified above are of a kind nature
and by their nature are liable to cause death or personal
4. The customer shall pay the company in respect of each consignment of the
customer’s good in accordance with the company’s tariff charge in force at the
time of each consignment.
5. In the event that company passes or agrees to pay third party any duty and/or
taxes and /or levy in respect of any customer’s goods.
6. The company is entitled to convey goods:
By its own servants or agent and/or by airline, delivery company
and/or other independent contractor
By any means of conveyance
By any route whatsoever
7. The company shall only be liable to pay to the customer for the loss or damage to
the goods or wrong delivery occurring to the goods if and to the extent that the
company’s negligence or, its breach or non-performance was responsible for the
loss provided that such liability shall be limited to the lesser of the declared value
of goods (stand on the waybill) or value for customs goods of #50 in respect of
any claim or services of claims arising out of any more source or event.
a. The company shall under no circumstance whatsoever be liable for
loss, damage, misdelivery or delay or any kind whatsoever:
i. Cause by events beyond the company’s control, including
both limited to acts of God, perils of the air, adverse
weather conditions, mechanical delays, acts of war,
hostilities, civil commotions, strikes, industrial actions, or
act of omission by public authorities with actual or apparent
ii. Caused by an independent contractor
iii. Where the customer fails within seven days of any loss,
damage, misdelivery or delay occurring to goods or such
becoming known to the customer, which is later, to submit a
claim in writing other than on a consignment more or
delivery of documents, to the company at its registered
office by recorded delivery letter.
iv. Where the customer fails to issue legal proceedings
against the company relating to a claim within 30 days
commencing with the date of the initial claim letter sent in
accordance with clause iii above
8. The consignor is to be paid 20 percent of the declared value of the item on the
receipt during registration if the item is above #10,000 but if valued below
#10,000, ELS Logistics pays 50 percent.
9. The customer acknowledge and agree that the provisions of condition 8 and 9
shall extent to protect and indemnify the employees and agents of the company
and that such provisions have been entered into and shall be enforced by the
company for itself and as trustee or agent for such employees and agents.
10. The company shall have a lien for any amount due under the contract and the
cost of recovering the same. If any lien is not satisfied within a reasonable time,
the company shall be at full liberty to sell the goods either privately or by the
auction and to apply the proceeds of any such in or towards discharge of the lien
and the expense of this sale.
11. The contract shall be governed by laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and any
dispute under them shall be within the exclusive jurisdiction of Nigeria courts.
12. Cross check your items at the point of receiving as ELS Logistics will not be liable for
any complaint or damage thereafter.
13. All customer shipment that stays above 3 days at the terminal will attract a
demurrage fee of N100 daily.